Toronto Women's Run Series

8k/5k Training Programs

Welcome to the training page of our website where you can find a program that suits your goals and needs, as well as interesting articles/tips, and videos to help with your training.

Download one of our training schedules to guide you through months of training. Read the criteria to decide which will work for you. Also, learn why you should be supplementing your running with some strengthening exercises and how you can get started.

8k Programs

8 week program for those aiming to finish under 44 min’s
8 week program for those aiming to finish under 50 min’s

5k Programs

8 week training program for those aiming to finish within 30 minutes
16 week Run/walk program for new runners

Training Tips/Videos and Interesting Articles from the Runner’s Academy 

Run Ready Checklist  – Use this movement test to see if you are ready to run or if you might need some extra help with strength or mobility

Top 3 Tips For New Runners

How and when to strength train

How to improve running efficiency and performance

Running after pregnancy

Finding the Sweet Spot in your training